Guest Editors: Cheryl Camillo (University of Regina), Peter Berman (University of British Columbia), and Sara Allin (University of Toronto)

As health systems and societies worldwide continue to deal with COVID-19 while also planning for recovery and rebuilding, there is much to be learned from the rapid pace and scale of policy change in Canada in response to the pandemic. This special issue creates an opportunity for scholars and health system leaders to perform much needed evaluation of what happened, why, and with what effects.  This issue will also create an opportunity to document experiences, successes and failures of health systems reforms and policy responses during the pandemic, leveraging the variations that were seen across the country in the nature, timing and responses to the evolving pandemic.  

Health Reform Observer – Observatoire des Réformes de Santé (HRO-ORS) invites papers for a special issue exploring COVID-19 pandemic policies and health system reforms in Canada. Policies and system reforms could fall in any of the following three categories: 1) public health planning and interventions, 2) acute care service delivery, and 3) inter-sectoral action between health and other sectors.

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