As health systems and societies worldwide continue to deal with COVID-19 while also planning for recovery and rebuilding, there is much to be learned from the rapid pace and scale of policy change in Canada in response to the pandemic. This special issue documents experiences, successes, and failures of health systems reforms and policy responses during the pandemic, leveraging the variations that were seen across the country in the nature, timing, and responses to the evolving pandemic.  

Published: 2023-02-01

Primary Care Transformation During a Pandemic

Rapid Reforms Focused on Outreach Approaches and Intersectoral Collaboration to Better Serve Vulnerable Populations

Nancy Côté, Andrew Freeman, Jean-Louis Denis, Dave Laverdière, Émilie Dionne, Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Matthew Menear

Comparison of COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout Approaches across Canada

Case Studies of Four Diverse Provinces

Tiffany Fitzpatrick, Cheryl A. Camillo, Shelby Hillis, Marin Habbick, Dane Mauer-Vakil, Monika Roerig, Nazeem Muhajarine, Sara Allin