Supporting student success beyond the classroom


  • Sean Beaudette
  • Elizabeth DiEmanuele
  • Jacqueline Hampshire
  • Liz Koblyk
  • Kerri Latham
  • Jenna Levi
  • Jeffrey Low McMaster staff
  • Anna Magnotta
  • Mary McCaffery
  • Andrew Staples



The McMaster Student Success Centre celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2020. Drawing upon student development theory (Chickering, 1969; Strayhorn, 2018), this chapter reflects upon the centre’s years of supporting student success and belonging at McMaster University, as well as the ways in which learning beyond the classroom helps facilitate student exploration of identity, values, skills, confidence, resilience, and potential. Discussed from the lens of student affairs professionals, topics within this chapter include the following: orientation and transition support, academic skills development, international student support and global opportunities, leadership development, and career planning and experiential learning.