Social, Equitable, Collaborative: Ten Years of Teaching and Learning at the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship


  • Andrea Zeffiro McMaster University
  • Jason Brodeur McMaster University
  • Amanda Montague McMaster University


In the ten years since its founding in 2012, the Lewis and Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship has become a hub through which expertise and resources are shared with the campus community and anyone seeking to “do more with digital scholarship.” In particular, the Centre has leveraged its involvement in teaching and learning to build a community to support the needs of researchers, mentor and develop the talents of emerging scholars, and produce unique programming to make learning about digital scholarship accessible. By approaching teaching and learning in a way that prioritizes the social before technological, strives for equitability of access, and is collaborative by design, the Centre has built a reciprocal model of engagement that continues to adapt to the evolving role of digital scholarship in the McMaster community.






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