Student voices from the classroom

Concluding reflections on cultivating an environment where learning deeply matters


  • Bre-Anna Owusu
  • Jasmin Dhanoa
  • Ashael Hylton
  • Emily Ing
  • Anusha Mappanasingam
  • Ami Patel
  • Raphaela Pavlakos
  • Alise de Bie McMaster University



The voices in this anthology thus far have largely omitted student stories about teaching and learning at McMaster. In response, this chapter is authored by current undergraduate and graduate students including recent alumni and teaching assistants who contributed to the student peer review team for the anthology, Where Learning Deeply Matters: Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Teaching at McMaster University. Our reflections in this concluding chapter—spanning issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion; student-instructor collaboration in online learning; accessibility; differential opportunities afforded to those in large enrolment programs; and integrating experiential learning into curriculum and program design—arise from personal student experiences but also amplify connections we felt with the themes discussed throughout the anthology. The urgency of our reflections, particularly as they come from underrepresented learners and teaching assistants, points towards the importance of respecting and listening to student voices. If taken into consideration, these perspectives, coupled with McMaster’s ongoing work to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion and to create an enriched culture to reflect its community, will undoubtedly guide the university towards cultivating an environment where “learning deeply matters.”