Promoting the Hegemonic Paradigm: The Case Study of the Journal International Security in the Discipline of International Security Studies


  • Julie Dufort Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Marc-André Anzueto Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Catherine Goulet-Cloutier Université de Montréal



International Security, International Security Studies, Hegemonic Paradigm, United States, Realism


This paper seeks to shed light on the evolution of the hegemonic paradigm in the subfield of International Security Studies (ISS) by looking at one highly influential journal, International Security. Questions we will be considering: What are the parameters of the hegemonic paradigm that characterize ISS? What are its main continuities and ruptures? More generally, how do academic journals contribute to building, maintaining or deconstructing the hegemonic paradigm? Using the method of longitudinal content analysis, this paper highlights the different continuities and ruptures in this so-called hegemonic paradigm. Our aim is to show how International Security has contributed to building and maintaining this paradigm and how it can transcend these limits.