Being social, going global

Ali Symons


This critical review compares two books that predict the future of global connectivity: The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations, and Businesses (Knopf, 2013, 336 pages) and Rewire: Digital Cosmopolitans in the Age of Connection (W.W. Norton, 2013, 312 pages). The reviewer contrasts the pragmatic approach of The New Digital Age, which describes the current reality of political connection, and the more idealistic Rewire, which calls individuals to embrace global connectivity for the sake of innovation. The reviewer determines that both perspectives offer an essential reminder to communications professionals: unprecedented opportunities and challenges will arise as more of the world’s population comes online

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social media; globalization; digital technology; Google; Eric Schmidt; Jared Cohen; Ethan Zuckerman;

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Ali Symons
World Vision Canada & McMaster University