Can non-profit organizations be good social citizens? Developing best practices for social responsibility in the Ontario health-care sector

  • Kim Morris Collège Boréal
Keywords: corporate social responsiblity, non-profit, health care, social responsiblity model, social responsibility strategy, social responsibility tools, social responsbility program,


This article makes the case that corporate social responsibility should not only apply to corporations. Governmental organizations, hospitals, universities and other non-profit agencies also have a responsibility to society. While there are many CSR programs in the for-profit sector, there is very limited information or best practices available for the non-profit sector. This research demonstrates that there is not only a need for a model of social responsibility in the not for profit world, there is also the will to implement such a strategy on the part of non-profit agencies operating in the health care sector in Ontario. As a result of this research, concrete tools have been developed for those non-profit agencies that wish to establish a best practice model in their workplace and reap the accompanying benefits.

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