Art-science and verbal articulation in hyper-visual techno-culture

  • F. Taylor Subtle Technologies Arts Projects
Keywords: art-science, hyper-visual, language neurology, multidisciplinary, neuro-aesthetics, sensory integration, synaesthesia, verbal disorders, verbal deficits,


This article outlines a quasi-analytical process for better comprehension of current artistic and scientific representations in visual media representing language orders of experience. After a brief historical outline contextualizing a multidisciplinary approach within digital techno-cultural advance, current scientific notions regarding the neurology of vision to sensory integration and this relationship to language expression and comprehension are discussed. Hyper-visual focus or the lack of neuro-typical visual focus can induce or indicate cognitive problems involving verbal competency. Summary discussion of this is followed with examples from contemporary artists’ work depicting not only visual properties but those associated with language disorders and deficits. The argument throughout is that the comprehension and articulation of techno-cultural aesthetics has been biased by the limitations of hyper-visual, digital orientations.

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