Aus dem schwäbischen Pfarrhaus nach Amerika: Reiseschilderungen (1860): Louise Weil’s America as Experience and Fiction


  • Judith Martin Missouri State University



In her autobiographical travelogue, Aus dem schwäbischen Pfarrhaus nach Amerika: Reiseschilderungen(“From the Swabian Parsonage to America: Travel Descriptions,” 1860), Louise Weil recounts her experiences of living, teaching, and traveling in the United States for nearly five years, beginning in 1854. Responding to the flood of German immigration to America in 1852-54, Weil’s declared aim is to rectify idyllic images of America put forth to would-be immigrants by presenting a realistic assessment of American life and institutions.Far from idealizing the United States, Weil condemns slavery and capitalist greed, two phenomena that exemplify America’s failure to live up to its founding ideals of equality and freedom. 


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