TEXT Technology

In 2010, TEXT Technology, will be relaunched as the Journal of Professional Communication (ISSN: 1920-6852).

TEXT Technology has been an eclectic journal for academics and professional communicators around the world, publishing articles devoted to any use of computers to acquire, analyze, create, edit, or translate texts. It will continue to feature articles and special issues devoted to professional and academic writing and research, software and book reviews, literary and linguistic analyses of texts, electronic publishing and issues related to the Internet, along with annotated bibliographies of printed and electronic materials of use to those with a decided interest in professional communication. In addition, we will publish case studies, opinion pieces, experiments in communication pedagogy, discussions and interviews with prominent Canadian professional communicators and digital works, both critical and commercial, of creativity, art and design.

Toward that end, we will publish three more issues under the TEXT Technology banner, each of which will be a double issue bringing the journal current up to 2009. In 2010, we will move to our new format and our new identity.

Additionally, we are making available a complete archive of every back issue of TEXT Technology on this website. This entire archive will be available to all current subscribers to the journal.

We are also moving to a new "print on demand" model for paper distribution of the journal. Our subscription model will give access to the website, but should you wish to have a bound version of the journal, we will be able to provide unique copies for the price of $25 per issue. This covers our printing, mailing and labour cost to produce the issue. This reflects SSHRC’s current policy direction toward funding electronic journals and is also beneficial to the environment.

Our scope is broad, our readership international. We invite you to become part of that readership.

Alexandre Sévigny, Incoming Editor-in-Chief

TEXT Technology (Journal of Professional Communication)