How Influencer Relations Works


  • Shannon Gallagher Influencer Logic


Where should the role of influencer relations reside within a communication department? The results of this study suggest that that influencer relations is most at home under the public relations (PR) umbrella. To help explain why PR professionals are best positioned to manage the influencer relations functions this author has proposed the JIM (Journalism, Influencer, Marketing) Disclosure Approval Continuum. In addition, this author proposes a conceptual model for understanding the ideal influencer relations work flow (brand to influencer) and non-ideal (agency-mediated). Finally, this author proposes a 12-phase for effective influencer campaigns. The stated goal of this authors research to help communicators and influencers come to understand the role of influencer relations or what she calls “Influencer Logic”. By finding mutual understanding of the rules of engagement influencers and brands will have more harmonious relationships with each other and ideally achieve more mutually beneficial results.






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