Criminal court ordered assessments in France and Canada: a comparison

  • Sebastien S Prat McMaster University & St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
  • Noemie Praud McMaster University & St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
  • Lauren Barney St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton


In this Letter to the Editor, we aim to compare the Canadian and the French forensic psychiatry system. Comparing both systems is interesting because France is considered as one of the oldest modern justice systems, and many of the forensic concept are inherited from it or its European neighbours. On the other hand, Canada is one of the countries where the modern forensic psychiatry is born, implementing the actual scientific concepts of criminology. Although the overall goal of the Justicer system and Forensic Psychiatry is the same in both countries, the theoritecal and practical differences help each professional to reflect on their own practice in their jurisdiction.
Letter to the Editor