About the Journal

Manuscripts (in PDF or Microsoft Word) and books for review should be addressed to The Editor. Submissions must not be previously or currently published in any form (including drafts and conference papers posted on the internet). Scholarly papers are refereed anonymously, so all identification of the author must be removed. Final, accepted manuscripts should be submitted electronically in Word, with coded footnotes but minimal formatting and "styles" and with doublespacing (including quotations, notes and Works Cited). If there are symbols, include a PDF for comparison. Citations should use, where applicable, the abbreviations for frequently cited works in Russell Studies on the last pages of each issue. Authors will be sent page proofs for correction.

Open Access

Beginning with the Summer 2021 issue, Russell shifted to a 12-month moving wall. That is, the Summer 2021 issue will become freely available on the internet after the issue has been accessible to subscribers for 12 months.