Russell's Texts

Selected Texts by Bertrand Russell in Russell

Some of Russell's texts were published or reprinted first in Russell. They include writings that turned up since publication of the relevant volumes of the Collected Papers, a rare leaflet, unsigned contributions to periodicals, notes on his reading, and interviews. Articles by others are included in the list if they contain substantial fresh text by Russell.



Note: The search was done on Russell as the author or the keyword "text".

Bernard Linsky 2006 Russell’s Notes on Frege’s Grundgesetze der Arithmetik, from §53
Bertrand Russell and Kenneth Blackwell (editor) 2005 How to Promote Initiative
Bernard Linsky and Kenneth Blackwell 2005 New Manuscript Leaves and the Printing of the First Edition of Principia Mathematica
Bernard Linsky 2004 Russell's Notes on Frege for Appendix A of The Principles of Mathematics
Bernard Linsky 2004 Russell's Marginalia in His Copies of Frege's Works
Bernard Linsky 2002 The Substitutional Paradox in Russell's 1907 Letter to Hawtrey [corrected reprint]
Giovanni Vianelli 2001 A Newly Discovered Text by Russell on Pythagoras and the History of Mathematics
Bertrand Russell and Jo Vellacott (editor) 1999 An Open Letter to Some Would-be Friends of the Conscientious Objector
Bertrand Russell and Kenneth Blackwell (editor) 1998 The Reconstruction of Intellectual Internationalism after the War
Frances Brennan and Nicholas Griffin 1997 Russell's Marginalia in His Copy of James's Principles of Psychology
Mélanie Chalmers and Nicholas Griffin 1997 Russell's Marginalia in His Copy of Bradley's Principles of Logic
Bertrand Russell and Kenneth Blackwell (editor) 1995 The Cold War and the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
Kenneth Blackwell 1995 Two Days in the Dictation of Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell and Kenneth Blackwell (editor) 1991 Letter to Dora Russell
B. F. McGuinness and G. H. von Wright 1990 Unpublished Correspondence between Russell and Wittgenstein
Bertrand Russell 1990 The Persecution of the Jews
Royden Harrison 1989 "Science of Social Structure": Bertrand Russell as Communist and Marxist
W. V. O. Quine 1988 Logical Correspondence with Russell
Sheila Turcon 1987 Russell at Newnham: an Unpublished Paper on Staff Remuneration
Bertrand Russell and Alan Ryan (editor) 1986 Is There an Absolute Good?
Sidney Hook and Bertrand Russell 1985 The Nature of Liberal Civilization: a Discussion
Royden Harrison 1985 Bertrand Russell and the Webbs [Interview]
Bertrand Russell and Kenneth Blackwell (editor) 1980 Address on the 10th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Bertrand Russell and Kenneth Blackwell (editor) 1979 On Keeping a Wide Horizon
Kenneth Blackwell 1978 Luck in the Russell Archives [1914 Letter to Chester A. Reed]
Louise Morgan 1976 Bertrand Russell Would Imprison All Writers of First Books [Interview]
Bertrand Russell 1975 "I Am Thankful for the BBC"
Bertrand Russell and Kenneth Blackwell (editor) 1974 Social Sciences in Schools
Bertrand Russell and Kenneth Blackwell (editor) 1974 The Status of Women
John G. Slater 1974 A Perfect Gift [Russell's 1903 Letter to Masterman]
Kenneth Blackwell (editor) 1973 Did Russell Write This? A New Unsigned Review
Bertrand Russell 1973 A Christmas Message
Douglas Lackey 1973 Three Letters to Meinong
Kenneth Blackwell (editor) 1972 How Russell Wrote [letter to J.K. Piercy]
Bertrand Russell 1972 On China Tea
Jo Newberry [Vellacott] and Kenneth Blackwell 1971 Unsigned Russell Material