Rejoinder to Schiller’s “Choice”

  • Bertrand Russell


The article by F. C. S. Schiller to which Russell wrote the following untitled draft rejoinder was “Choice”, published in The Hibbert Journal 7 (July 1909): 802–12. Schiller’s article was in reply to Russell’s “Determinism and Morals”, ibid. 7 (Oct. 1908): 113–21. This article was, or just possibly was yet to become, section iv of “The Elements of Ethics”, reprinted in Philosophical Essays (1910), again in Paper 19 of Collected Papers 6, and now as 34 in Papers 5. Schiller appended his piece to the third edition of his Riddles of the Sphinx (Swan Sonnenschein, 1910), pp. 451–62. Russell's draft rejoinder is not included in Papers 5 and is thus supplied here.

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