Introduction to Jean Nicod, "The Philosophical Tendencies of Mr. Bertrand Russell"


  • Roseline Adzogble Université Clermont Auvergne
  • Sébastien Gandon Université Clermont Auvergne



Jean Nicod, born in 1893, died far too young in 1924. He is remembered today as one of the foreign disciples (among them Ludwig Wittgenstein and Norbert Wiener) attracted to Cambridge by Russell after the publication of the Principia. We publish here a translation of “Les tendances philosophiques de M. Bertrand Russell”, which appeared in the Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale in 1922. The article is testimony not only to Nicod’s philosophical talents, but also of how Russell’s philosophy could be received in France at the beginning of the twentieth century.



2021-06-17 — Updated on 2022-01-28