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Special Edition: Employment, Autism and Equity

In Canada, only an estimated 33% of Autistic adults are employed, compared to 79% of the non-disabled population according to the 2017 Canadian Survey on Disability (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2020). Furthermore, in the United States, research has also shown that Autistic adults who are working are also likely to be underemployed (Ohl et al., 2017). In this upcoming issue of the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity, we would like to highlight pieces on the subject of autism-related employment and equity. This can include narratives about one’s journey toward employment, work experiences, maintaining employment, going through the job interview process, barriers to employment or to access, discrimination in the workplace, accessing equitable supports in the workplace, going through vocational training programs or autism hiring initiatives, and more. Please submit your full piece for consideration (including a 200-500 word abstract and keywords), by the deadline below via our online portal. Works can be submitted in English or French and in a range of formats. Please refer to our website for further details about the submission guidelines.


Important Deadlines: 

The Canadian Journal of Autism Equity (CJAE) is an open-access e-journal focused on critically engaging with a variety of equity discussions within the autism community and public policy. Seeking authorship primarily by first-voice Autistic people or people with lived experience with autism and intersectionality, the Journal seeks to offer a platform to amplify marginalized voices and share these perspectives with decision-makers and Canadians alike. CJAE’s authorship policy states that at least 60% of pieces published in each issue must be authored/created by an Autistic person. Further details about this policy can be found on our website under Submission Guidelines.

As a journal that aims to offer such a platform and one focused on equity within the Autistic and autism community, CJAE is dedicated to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Thus, the CJAE Editorial Board strongly encourages submissions from marginalized and underrepresented communities and populations within the Autistic and autism community. CJAE’s commitment to EDI aligns with that of McMaster University’s EDI Strategy. In addition to this, you can view the journal’s Community Agreements to which the Journal and its Editorial Board have further affirmed its pledge to equity. You can access them by clicking here

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