Submission Guidelines

Co-Authorship and Review

This is not a peer-review journal. The editorial board reviews articles that are submitted for inclusion in the journal, however at this time we do not have the experience internally to be able maintain the high standards of peer review, but we do use a blinded review process and we also review submissions for false and misleading information. To maintain an anonymous and fair review process, when submitting a piece to the journal, authors are asked not to include any identifying information (e.g. author name(s), acknowledgements). The majority of the Journal’s Editorial Board will be composed of self-identified Autistic people (at all times over 50%). Furthermore, 50% of articles will be authored by Autistic people. An article will be categorized as first voice should: 

  1. The sole author has self-identified as Autistic.
  2. The first author has self-identified as Autistic, in the case of multiple authors. 
  3. There are 50% or more Autistic authors compared to neurotypical authors, in the case of multiple authors and a neurotypical first author. 

The Journal offers a co-authorship program to support anyone who wishes the journal to help facilitate a partnership with (an)other author(s)/creator(s):

  1. The Journal is open to helping first-time authors get published by pairing them with an experienced author in their domain of interest should the first-time author wish for the journal to help facilitate this process.
  2. Neurotypical authors are strongly recommended to co-author with an Autistic author in their topic of interest.


In recognition of the fact that individuals communicate through multiple modalities and so as not to erect barriers to participation, CJAE does not require submissions to use any specific mode of communications, that is to say, authors can submit research articles, but they can also submit videos, artworks, poems, letters, etc. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Editorial Board at 


Overall Guidelines

  • Papers should not have been previously published, or if so, the author(s) must have written assurance that CJAE has copyright permission to re-publish the piece. Please attach to every submission a letter confirming and signed by all authors stating that the work is not currently being considered for publication by any other journal. 
  • Works should be submitted in either English or French. 
  • Authors should submit their manuscripts/drafts via our website on the McMaster University Press website. 
  • Authors must submit one abstract of 100-200 words and a list of keywords, up to five and in accordance with APA 7th edition stylings, with each submission in English and/or French. These should precede the main work. 
  • All stylistic decisions for submissions (e.g. font, spacing, referencing etc.) should be conducted in accordance with the guidelines outlined by APA 7th edition. See here for more details. For citations, CJAE requests that authors use in-text citations and submit with the manuscript a reference list. 
  • When submitting an application, submissions must provide a reference list in accordance with the stylistic guidelines outlined by APA 7th edition. 
  • All submissions must be accompanied by full contact details (for each author, if the piece is co-authored), including: name, affiliation, full mailing address, telephone, and email address. Email will be the primary mode of contact between CJAE and author(s).
  • CJAE endorses the policies, procedures and guidelines provided by McMaster University and Queen’s University’s Inclusive Language Guidelines for non-sexist, non-racist, ableist and non-discriminatory language. Submissions are expected to utilize respectful and inclusive language, failure to do so can result in submissions being rejected. This decision is made at the behest of the Editorial Board. 

Specific Guidelines

Please use your discretion when deciding the length of your submission. 

Mode of Communication


Specific Guidelines


Original Research

Maximum 5000 words (not including references)


Experience Pieces/ Calls for Action/ Letters/ Literature Reviews/ Articles/ Commentary

Maximum 5000 words (not including references)


Poems/ Other solely written formats

Up to 8 pages (not including references)

Visual(s) with Written/ Written with Visual(s)

Mix of visual(s) and written works

Up to 8 pages (not including references)

For images, max size 8 ½ x 11 inches (JPEG,  PNG, PDF)


Solely Artwork/ Graphics/ Photography/ etc. 

Up to 8 pages (not including references)

Max size 8 ½ x 11 inches (JPEG,  PNG, PDF)

Video/ Audio

Video clips/ Audio files

Maximum 25 minutes long. 

Required: Transcript and Closed Captioning. 



Please reach out to the Editorial Board for specific guidelines.