Community Agreements

The Journal and its Editorial Board affirm our commitment to equity with the below community agreements and commit to upholding the following principles. These community agreements were sourced from the Washington Race Equity & Justice Initiative Organizational Toolkit, which can be accessed here

Expect and presume welcome 

Establishing both a safe and brave space. Difficult conversations are more often than not the starting place of learning. Oftentimes it is through our very own discomfort and risk-taking that we are presented with the opportunity to authentically engage with others or further your own understanding. However, this does not discount the fact that we also recognize that words can create harm intentionally or unintentionally. We acknowledge we are here to learn together and with one another and thus center our work on approach to conversations with the shared values and principles of respect and generosity.  

Move Up, Move Up 

We acknowledge our commitment to being aware of how we interact with each other so that we can move up to a more equitable collaboration. Together as a community we build each other up as a whole. 

Respect and Honour Silence and Confidentiality 

We commit to respecting and honouring each person’s right to silence and confidentiality. 

Speak Your Truth and Let Others Speak Theirs

We commit to honouring different perspectives and different perspectives are welcome and encouraged. We ask that you speak from your own lived experience and not from experience that you do not personally have. That is to say that your normal may not be another’s normal. Furthermore, in letting others speak their truth we commit to the values and principles of respect and generosity in our interactions.