Post-submission Policies


Authors who wish to appeal a rejection or make a complaint should follow the procedure outlined below. 

Appeals Against a Rejection Decision:

Should you wish to ask the Editor or Editorial Board to reconsider a rejection of a submission, contact the Editor via the Journal’s primary email ( and submit a formal letter of appeal to the journal. Only one appeal is permitted per submission. Final decisions on appeals will be made by the Editorial Board Member originally handling the submission. 

In general, appeals against a rejection will only be considered in the following situations: 

  • The author can adequately demonstrate that an error which determined the final decision has been made during the review process
  • Important additional data/information can be provided
  • A convincing case of bias in the review process can be adequately demonstrated. 

In the case an appeal is successful, authors will then be given further instructions to proceed.


Complaints about our processes or ethics will be handled in the first instance by the Editor handling the submission. Should it be the Editor that is the subject of the complaint, please contact the Editorial Board by email


In the rare occasion that it is necessary for the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity to maintain the integrity of the academic record, the Journal may need to publish corrections to, or retractions of submissions. 

Corrections are defined as changes to a published piece that affects the interpretation and conclusion of the piece, but does not fully invalidate the piece. 

Retractions are defined as when the interpretation and or conclusion of an article is substantially undermined. 

Corrections to, or retractions of published pieces will be made by publishing a Correction or a Retraction note linked to the original piece. Any alterations to the original article will be outlined in the note. 

In the anomalous event that a submission is considered to have infringed on certain rights or is defamatory, the Editorial Board reserves the rights to remove that material from the site and archives. 

Authors, readers, and or organizations who become aware of errors or ethical issues in a submission are strongly encouraged to contact the journal.