Editorial Policy

The Canadian Journal of Autism Equity (CJAE) is published annually, with thematically focused issues occasionally. It aims at providing a platform to amplify marginalized voices and to share these perspectives with decision-makers across Canada. The editorial policies of the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity declare the principles of accepting, reviewing, and publishing processes. The Canadian Journal of Autism Equity adheres to the highest ethical standards concerning its editorial policies on publication ethics, scientific misconduct, and consent.

Journal editors take responsibility for: 

  • Providing guidelines to authors for preparing and submitting manuscripts
  • Treating all authors with fairness, courtesy, objectivity, honesty, and transparency
  • Ensuring an environment that sets no barriers to submission or publication other than the quality of the work 
  • Develop and maintain a consistent and fair policy about returning, rejecting and withdrawing papers
  • Protecting the confidentiality of every author’s work
  • Establishing a system for effective and rapid review
  • Informing the authors about the editorial decision regarding the submitted papers rapidly 
  • Ensuring timely publication of accepted manuscripts 
  • Ensure the journal maintains a reputation for ethical standards and fair process 

The languages of publication are English and French. Each piece published in the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity is required to have an abstract in both the languages of publication. Translation services will be provided if necessary. 

Submissions must be prepared according to the requirements of the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity (see Submission Guidelines). Submissions are considered on conformity to those requirements by the editors and can be returned to the author(s) for changes. Submissions for publications can be submitted to the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity website. 

The editors may reject manuscripts. Reasons for this can be that the manuscript is outside the scope of the journal, does not meet the journal’s quality standards or lacks novel information. The authors will be informed about this via email. 

Editors of the Canadian Journal of Autism equity assure the anonymity of reviewers and authors during the entire process.