Special Edition: Autism and Housing

In the upcoming issue of the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity (CJAE), we would like to highlight pieces on the subject of the housing and living situations of Autistic Canadians. Everyone needs housing, and Autistic Canadians can face particular struggles in finding suitable housing. You can make submissions about any aspect of housing and equity as it affects Autistic Canadians. This can include discussions of challenges Autistic Canadians face in finding housing that suits their needs or discussions of experiences of different types of living situations and how they affected you. As usual, we accept a variety of formats of submissions, including experiential papers, poetry, audio/video submissions, letters, editorials, artwork, original research, and more. Please submit your full piece for consideration by the deadline below via our online portal. You should submit two files:

  1. An anonymous version of your submission with no author's name or affiliation listed in the submission, including a 200-500 word abstract and keywords
  2. A title page in a separate file with your name and affiliation.

Works can be submitted in English or French and in a range of formats. Please refer to our website for further details about the submission guidelines.

Also note that we accept submissions unrelated to the current theme as long as they fit the overall mission of CJAE, namely submissions that address an equity issue affecting the Autistic community or a subgroup thereof.

CJAE is published once each year, in April, following World Autism Acceptance Day.

Important Deadlines:

Please note: Any submissions received after the deadline will be considered for the 2024 issue.

The Canadian Journal of Autism Equity (CJAE) is an open-access e-journal focused on critically engaging with various equity discussions within the autism community and public policy. Seeking authorship primarily by first-voice Autistic people or people with lived experience with autism and intersectionality, the Journal offers a platform to amplify marginalized voices and share these perspectives with decision-makers and Canadians alike. CJAE's authorship policy states that at least 50% of pieces published in each issue must be authored/created by an Autistic person. Further details about this policy can be found on our website under "Submission Guidelines."

As a journal that aims to offer such a platform and one focused on equity within the Autistic and autism community, CJAE is dedicated to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). Thus, the CJAE Editorial Board strongly encourages submissions from marginalized and underrepresented communities and populations within the Autistic and autism community. CJAE's commitment to EDI aligns with McMaster University's EDI Strategy. In addition, you can view the journal's Community Agreements, to which the Journal and its Editorial Board have further affirmed its pledge to equity. You can access them by clicking here.

Cover Artwork for the 2024 Issue

 CJAE is looking for submissions of original artwork by Autistic Canadian artists to be featured on the journal's 2024 issue cover.

Submissions will be accepted from all Autistic artists, regardless of professional experience. Submitted works should be suitable for reproduction for the cover of an online digital publication.

Submissions should include the following:

  • 1-5 digital images in JPEG format of original artwork.
  • A short biography, 100 to 200 words.
  • Title, date, and medium of the works.

Important Deadlines: 

  • Submission deadline: 11:59 PM on November 1st, 2023

Please forward submissions to with your name and 'CJAE Cover Art' in the subject line.

CJAE will pay a one-time royalty fee for the work selected for the use of the work in accordance with CARFAC fees for the reproduction of original works for digital publications.

For questions or further information about this special issue, please contact the CJAE Editorial Board at

CJAE Editorial Board