Trilateral partnership: An institution and students’ union collaborative partnership project to support underrepresented student groups


  • Maisha Islam University of Winchester
  • Tiffany-Lily Burnett Winchester Student Union
  • Sarah-Louise Collins University of Winchester



widening participation, student voice, students' union, inclusivity and diversity


This case study describes a staff-student partnership project from the perspective of three staff members based across independent departments within a UK higher education institution (HEI) and its students’ union. The authors, drawing upon an intersecting passion for advancing student equality, diversity, inclusion, widening participation and student engagement, developed a cross-collaborative and student-centred partnership project to create a series of guides specifically for underrepresented student groups. The guides, which sought to provide appropriate information and guidance in order to actively enhance students’ overall experience whilst navigating university life, were developed and co-created through lived student experience. This case study critically reflects upon this form of partnership, along with its benefits and challenges, and considers its contribution to literature on staff-student partnership beyond the formal realm of learning and teaching.


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Author Biographies

Maisha Islam, University of Winchester

Student Engagement Research and Projects Officer

Tiffany-Lily Burnett, Winchester Student Union

Student Engagement Manager

Sarah-Louise Collins, University of Winchester

Director of Widening Participation


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