About the Translations Page

The official language of the Global Labour Journal is English, the lingua franca in academia in many parts of the world. Arguably, this is the language that comes closest to being global in terms of its geographical reach. However, using just one official language impedes access for the great number of people who cannot easily read, write or understand it. The obvious remedy would be to publish the GLJ in more than one language, but this creates challenges in terms of funding, translation, capacity and internal communication that the GLJ would struggle to address. At the same time, the editors are painfully aware that a truly global debate on labour issues is only possible if language barriers are removed. As a first, small step in this direction, we are using this subpage to publish some contributions to the Journal in a number of different languages. Some of our authors have chosen to translate their submissions into a second language; in other cases, third parties have taken an interest in articles or reviews and have translated them. Especially in the latter case, translators may have produced abridged versions. These pieces in languages other than English do not form part of regular issues of the GLJ, but supplement them.