The Impact of Liberalization and Globalization on India's Agrarian Economy


  • V.K. Ramachandran Indian Statistical Institute
  • Vikas Rawal Jawaharlal Nehru University



agrarian economy, globalization, India, liberalization, Project on Agrarian Relations in India,


This paper describes and analyzes the impact of policies of globalization and liberalization on the agrarian economy of India. In particular, it discusses the reversal of land reform, changes in the policies of administered agricultural input costs and output prices, cutbacks in public investment in rural physical and social infrastructure, the dismantling of the institutional structure of social and development banking, the withdrawal of quantitative restrictions on the import of agricultural products, cutbacks in the public distribution system, and the undermining of national systems of research and extension and protection of national plant and other biological wealth. The data used in the paper come from the major sources of national-level official statistics and primary data collected as part of a Project on Agrarian Relations in India.