Organizing the Academic Precariat in the United States

  • Celeste Atkins Cochise College, Sierra Vista Campus
  • Louis E. Esparza California State University-Los Angeles
  • Ruth Milkman City University of New York
  • Catherine L Moran University of New Hampshire

Author Biographies

Celeste Atkins, Cochise College, Sierra Vista Campus
Celeste Atkins is Sociology faculty and Social and Behavioral Sciences Department Chair, Cochise College - Sierra Vista.
Louis E. Esparza, California State University-Los Angeles
Louis Edgar Esparza is Assistant Professor of Sociology, California State University-Los Angele.
Ruth Milkman, City University of New York
Ruth Milkman is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Research Director, Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies, City University of New York.
Catherine L Moran, University of New Hampshire
Catherine L. Moran is Principal Lecturer of Sociogy, University of New Hampshire.