Review of: Tom Barnes (2018) Making Cars in the New India - Industry, Precarity and Informality

  • Thomas Klikauer

Author Biography

Thomas Klikauer,

Thomas Klikauer was born between Castle Frankenstein and Johannes Gutenberg’s birthplace in southern Germany. After his apprenticeship in Germany’s car industry, he completed an MA at Bremen University and Boston University, as well as a PhD at Warwick University. He teaches MBAs and supervises PhD candidates at the Sydney Graduate School of Management at Western Sydney University, Australia. Thomas Klikauer has published books such as Managerialism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013) and a textbook on Managing People in Organisations (Red Globe Press, 2018). His forthcoming book is on Germany’s new right-wing populist party, the AfD (to be published by Sussex University Press in 2020).