2024 Call for contributions to Voices from the Field section of IJSaP (6th Iteration)


We invite you to contribute to the sixth iteration of the International Journal of Students as Partners section called “Voices from the Field.” The goal of this section is to create a venue for a wide range of voices to address important questions around students-as-partners work without going through the intensive time commitment required by the submission, review, and revision processes. We want to hear your voices and put them into dialogue with one another!

This iteration of Voices will be linked to one of the 2024 Students-as-Partners Network Roundtable themes: Inspirations. We are posting this open call for thoughts on the question below, and we will organize the responses we receive into what we hope will be a creative, engaging, accessible format to share with readers. Here is the question we invite you to address: 

"How did you come to engage in SaP work? "

Submissions should include:

  • 75 to 150 words that capture what inspired and/or prompted you to embark on students-as-partners work. You might focus on programs, people, or publications you encountered, experiences you had or wished you had had, or some other sources of inspiration and catalyst for action. The 75-150 word submissions should:

    • be informal but make substantive reflections;

    • be clearly articulated from your own position and perspective (so very briefly tell readers who you are—context, identities/background, position); and

    • have an explicit focus on partnership/students-as-partners

We are looking for up to 30 contributions by April 30, 2024.  Please use this link to submit your response to the question.  If we reach this number before the deadline you will no longer be able to submit, so please check the link before you start writing. 

Best wishes


IJSaP Senior Editor