Growing Student-Faculty Partnerships at Ursinus College: A Brief History in Dialogue

  • Meredith Goldsmith
  • Megan Hanscom
  • Susanna A Throop Ursinus College
  • Codey Young
Keywords: student-faculty partnerships, leadership, program development

Author Biographies

Meredith Goldsmith

Meredith Goldsmith is a Professor of English at Ursinus College and founder of the College's Teaching and Learning Institute (2010-2014), and Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives.

Megan Hanscom

Megan Hanscom graduated in 2016 from Ursinus College, where she majored in Environmental Studies and minored in English and Gender and Women’s Studies. In her four years at Ursinus, she served as a TLI Student Consultant and TLI Advisory Board Member, as well as a Green Fellow in the Office of Sustainability. 

Susanna A Throop, Ursinus College

Susanna A. Throop is an Associate Professor of History at Ursinus College, where she served as the TLI Director from 2014-2016.

Codey Young

Codey Young graduated in 2014 from Ursinus College, where he majored in Philosophy and Anthropology & Sociology and minored in African-American and Africana Studies. Codey served as a TLI Student Consultant from 2013-14 and helped lead a pilot TLI program at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, China.


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Goldsmith, M., Hanscom, M., Throop, S., & Young, C. (2017). Growing Student-Faculty Partnerships at Ursinus College: A Brief History in Dialogue. International Journal for Students As Partners, 1(2).
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