The Development of Contemporary Student Engagement Practices at the University of Winchester and Winchester Student Union, UK

Tom Lowe, Cassie Shaw, Stuart Sims, Savannah King, Angus Paddison


This case study explores practice in four areas of student engagement activity which were developed in partnership between the University of Winchester and Winchester Student Union. The development, motivations, stakeholders, and challenges of activities built around the principles of representation, change, feedback, and research are discussed. Relationships between practices will be explored in the context of a proposal for how discrete practices can complement one another to create a community of partnership. The case study focuses on four key initiatives: Student Academic Representatives, Student Fellows Scheme, Student-Led Teaching Awards, and the Winchester Research Apprenticeship Programme. The four key initiatives are contextualised with a discussion of an ongoing project that seeks to provide greater coherence to student engagement through an institution-wide movement towards embedding partnership.


student engagement, partnership, students as partners, quality, student experience

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Tom Lowe
The University of Winchester
United Kingdom

Tom Lowe is the Project Manager of the HEFCE Catalyst funded programme REACT (Realising Engagement through Active Culture Transformation) at the University of Winchester. Tom is also the Secretary of RAISE and previously the Vice President, Education at Winchester Student Union 2013-15.

Cassie Shaw
The University of Winchester
United Kingdom

Cassie Shaw is the Research Officer (Student Engagement) and REACT Researcher at the University of Winchester. Cassie also co-directs the Student Fellows Scheme. Previously Cassie was the Student Engagement Assistant at Winchester Student Union and co-ordinated the Student Academic Representatives and the Student Led Teaching Awards.

Stuart Sims
The University of Winchester
United Kingdom

Dr Stuart Sims is Head of Student Engagement and Research & Teaching Fellow based in Academic Quality & Development at the University of Winchester. He is also Senior Researcher on the REACT project.

Savannah King
The University of Winchester
United Kingdom

Savannah King is the Student and Alumni Communications Officer at the University of Winchester. At the time of these activities, she was the President of Winchester Student Union where she had previously served as the International Students Officer.  

Angus Paddison
The University of Winchester
United Kingdom

Dr Angus Paddison is the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences & Reader in Theology at the University of Winchester. At the time of these activities he was the Director of Academic Quality and Development for the University.