The open page: A case study of partnership as open pedagogy


  • Stephanie Johnston University of Windsor
  • Bonnie Stewart University of Windsor



open pedagogy, open education, education technology, collaboration, tool parade


This case study draws on the concept of open pedagogy (Paquette, 1979; DeRosa & Jhangiani, 2018) to frame a student-faculty partnership project focused on creating videos about education technology. Four student research assistants were full partners and creators within this project, developing models and parameters for future contributions by both faculty members and fellow students. All partners contributed as creators, collaborators, and coordinators for aspects of the project. The case study explores how open pedagogy can be a meaningful foundation for Students-as-Partners (SaP) collaborations.


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Johnston, S., & Stewart, B. (2020). The open page: A case study of partnership as open pedagogy. International Journal for Students as Partners, 4(2), 81–89.



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