Partnering with students to support international students in an Australian university setting


  • Carolyn Stott University of Sydney



students as partners, teaching and learning, higher education, international student transition, international student experience


This case study reflects on a 2019 project involving a staff-student partnership that focussed on improving the international student experience at an Australian university. The project responded to the need for international students to feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to an Australian university as a buffer against the challenges they face that are part of the acculturation process undergone upon arrival. The project’s main output was the creation of short videos destined for three target audiences: international students, domestic students, and academics who teach international students. The project’s objectives were to build relationships between international and domestic students and between academics and students, as well as to minimise misunderstandings held by international students about studying at this university and misconceptions held by domestic students and academics about international students. This case study provides an innovative and practical model for staff-student collaborations in higher education.


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