What peer mentoring taught us about undergraduate and postgraduate partnerships


  • Jennifer Santos Grand Canyon University
  • Taylor Hill Grand Canyon University
  • Bronson Bodlak Grand Canyon University
  • Kendra Cooper Grand Canyon University
  • Samantha Gomez Grand Canyon University
  • AnJoli Howard Grand Canyon University
  • Esther Kuehl Grand Canyon University
  • Mari Rodriguez Grand Canyon University
  • Ryan Thompson California Baptist University




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Santos, J., Hill, T., Bodlak, B., Cooper, K., Gomez, S., Howard, A., Kuehl, E., Rodriguez, M., & Thompson, R. (2022). What peer mentoring taught us about undergraduate and postgraduate partnerships . International Journal for Students As Partners, 6(1), 237–244. https://doi.org/10.15173/ijsap.v6i1.4859



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